Sunday, February 03, 2008


Whoa, January has just buzzed by so quickly. Things have been so busy with family fun, work, training for the Heart Mini, and the Flying Pig Half Marathon with the running group, and now one more commitment. I've decided to re-join Team in Training as a non-fundraising mentor. This means I'll be able to train with the team and run with the team for the Pig, but my only responsibility in terms of fundraising will be to help the fundraising runners reach their goals.

This won't be another full commitment apart from the running group. I will split time with Team in Training and the running group. It will also not be a solo project. I will be joining two friends and teammates from our Disney training group. We'll be working together and sharing our ideas and resources to make our job easier and the fundraising easier for the team. It should be awesome.

This is what began with Disney, and this is what I'm hoping to build on in the coming year. This is a community.