Friday, January 01, 2010

Farewell to the Otts?, Ots?, Aughts? Happy 2010!

I'm not all that in to New Year's resolutions. I'll typically set up a few goals for the year for training or excercise, but not so much the traditional I'm gonna lose 10 lbs., quit smoking, or take up knitting type of resolutions. As a matter of fact this year I think I'll quit exercising and take up smoking. That way I can have some good resolutions for 2011. 2011 is gonna be my year. 2010? eh.

Actually 2010 is shaping up to be my year. Things are gonna change...I can feel it. In honor of a new year and a new decade here are a couple of resolutions. It's stuff I'll be doing anyway, so I'm virtually guaranteed success. First resolution is to join a new gym and get back to running and working out. I've been off for about a month now. It's time to get rolling again. The second resolution is to get back on the nursing school track. Since I changed jobs this year I lost my tuition reimbursement. As of June I can start getting reimbursed from the hospital. Let's do this. To start on that resolution I just finished up an application of University of Cincinnati. I'm gonna apply to as many nursing programs as I can. One will work out. My third resolution is to continue to not smoke...or smoke crack or do meth or heroine. Easy enough.

Happy New Year everybody!