Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Challenges and Goals

Remember when I had goals? Right up until the Flying Pig Marathon I was all about reaching those goals. It's amazing how much has changed since then, and how those goals seem less important now. Funny how that happens. I've been without any particular goals since finishing the Flying Pig Marathon. That's not entirely true. I am training for the the Columbus Marathon in October, but without any particular goals in mind or a particular training plan that I'm working on. It's a challenge, but one that I know I can reach with enough training to get through it. I need some challenges that are going to push me a little harder. Recently I was posed with a couple of challenges.

The first challenge is to run a 5:20 mile, and I only get one shot at running it. I like that challenge. It's either do or die. I haven't trained for running fast over a short distance in a long
time. It's been all about running marathons faster. This will be fun. I'm going to crush that time.

The second challenge is to run a 16:00 5k. My formal goal was to break 20 minutes on the 5k which I did earlier this year at the Rat Race 5k in April. I barely broke the 20 minute mark, so to take off another 4 minutes is going to be tough. But, what good is a challenge if it isn't tough?

So these are my two goals for now. This will give me incentive to get my training plan together, work on speed, and get focused. Hopefully this will help me toward the longer term goals like qualifying for Boston.