Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Statistically Speaking: Favs of '10

Let's put the lid on 2010 and start 2011 with a little music round up.  These are the top 3 songs, artists, and albums that I've listened to in 2010. Not all these songs and albums were released during that year, but I definitely discovered or in one case rediscovered them during the year. Just like last year 99% of what I've listened to throughout the year has been tracked by Last.fm just because I'm obsessive like that. All these were pulled from my stats. Let's get our round up on... 

Top 3 Songs

3. Champion - No Heaven
I picked up on this song through a game trailer, and it immediately brought me back to Moby's album Play of which I was a huge fan. It immediately went into heavy rotation on my running playlists. It's a fun song and has a great beat for running.

2. Sia - Clap Your Hands
I'm a sucker of Sia ever since they used her song Breathe for the final sequence of Six Feet Under. I'm sure it's out there on YouTube somewhere, but it probably won't mean as much to you if you didn't follow the show through the series. In the meantime check out her fun, quirky video for Clap Your Hands

1. Spoon - Got Nuffin
Another running playlist mainstay. The driving beat makes for a perfect running song. They are really a criminally under appreciated band. If you've seen Stranger Than Fiction or some episodes of Chuck you've heard them. They're music has that cinematic quality that works perfectly for a soundtrack. I know they are often the soundtrack for my life. 

Top 3 Artists

3. The Beatles
Yes, I was one of the people that got sucked into downloading the iTunes versions of some of the Beatles albums. So far it has been Revolver and Rubber Soul, and there will be more. I like the included album art, the documentaries and the new digital copies sound really good. So that means I have vinyl, cd's, and now digital. What else you got? I'll probably buy it. 

2. Spoon
Did I mention these guys were under appreciated? Check out Gimme Fiction, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and their latest Transference. If you want to start with songs check out the previously mentioned song as well as The Underdog, I Summon You and My Mathematical Mind. 

1. Sia
See above.

Top 3 Albums

3. Spoon - Transference 
I think I've said enough about the band. They rock. I love them. Some of the highlights from Transference: Before Destruction (really sets the tone for album and really sums up their sound) The Mystery Zone, Written In Reverse, and of course Got Nuffin.

2. Florence + The Machine - Lungs
Great album. She uses a mix of rock and soul and one hell of a powerful voice to create a sound all her own. Check out Dog Days are Over, Kiss With A Fist, Drumming, and You've Got The Love for a taste.

1. The Seedy Seeds - Count The Days
Yay for The Seedy Seeds! Count The Days is actually a couple of years old, but whatever. My list, my rules, besides it's only been a few times in my life that a local act has really caught my attention let alone put out such a great album. City Beat described their sound as "Electronic Americana" which works as well as anything. Check out this album and their new EP Roll Deep on iTunes and definitely one of their live shows if you get the opportunity. You won't regret it.

That's it for 2010 kids. Here's to another great year and lots of great music. Just as a bonus here are some late year finds or releases that didn't get enough plays, but are definitely worth mention:
  • The Roots - How I Got Over
  • Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer
  • Girl Talk - All Day