Wednesday, August 30, 2006

8/30/2006 Doubling Up


It was a cloudy cool morning that was threatening rain. I really wanted to ride yesterday, but I wasn't sure if it was going to hold out for any good riding time. I decided to do a run just in case, plus I felt like I needed a few mor miles in before the 10K. I didn't feel like dealing with to much time on 222, so I decided to keep that time short. I ran the usual 1.3 mile route back Meghan's Run, followed by the run around 222 to 132 and up the hill. That was where things got a bit interesting. I was feeling a bit good on the run, so without much thought I pushed it up the hill. I didn't time the ride, or the run for that matter, but I'd guess it was the fastest I've taken the hill. It was definitely the most control I've felt over the .5 mile bitch of a hill. I finished up the run with another trip down Meghan's Run and back home. It was about 5.6 miles in approximately 50 minutes.


I decided to brave the elements and ride in the rain. It was either that or sit and wait to get my oil changed. I'll take the rain! It was actually pretty nice despite the pelting rain. At least it was cool. I rode out from the mechanics on 125 about 10 miles out to East Fork State Park. It was a mostly flat ride out there with a few rolling hills. It nothing to get out of the saddle for, just rolling around. Once I hit the Park I wound my way back to the beach which took me down one hill to climb back up. I decided to wander around the park a bit and wandered down to two different docks which brought me down two other hills to climb back up. I worked on staying in the saddle for the climbs and then sprinting up the last 5-10 yards. It turned out to be quite a workout.

Odo: 1262.8 miles
Dist: 25.62 miles
Time: 1:27.07
Avg: 17.6 mph
Max: 25.5 mph

Monday, August 28, 2006

8/28/2006 Strength Training

Nothing interesting to see here move along. It was another day of strength training. I didn't make any changes to the routine today. I have about a month left before Little Miami, so I probably will stick with this routine until after that race. It seems to be working just fine.

elliptical = 10 minutes on Fat Burning
JC Bands Lunges with rows, Grey Bands - 12 each side.
Wall sit w/25 lb. wts.
2 sets bicep curls = 60 seconds each
2 sets shoulder press = 60 seconds each
walking lunges = width of court/back doing lat raises with 15lb. wts
hip adductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
hip abductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
clamshell crunch w/overhead 8lb ball 2x25

Sunday, August 27, 2006

8/26/2006 Bicycling

I was really hoping to get out really early and ride for 50+ miles. Unfortunately the need for sleep won out....a little. I did get in a very nice ride. I rode a nice route out 222 to Greenbriar through Owensville to Benton. I added a new road to my route as I explored Stonelick-Olive Branch Road. It adds a nice flat 4 miles to the route that allows me to stay in aero position and pound out the miles.

A couple of the highlights to the ride revolved around some hills. I decided to do the hills primarily seated if I could on this ride and was surprisingly successful. On one hill in particular that is very steep I was able to scoot back in my seat a bit and really pour my energy into my legs. It was a great feeling to pump up that hill with some power. I had a nice average of about 17.5 mph kickin' until I got home, then I was screwing around the last couple of miles, so that dropped the average pretty quickly.

Odo: 1237.1 miles
Dist: 37.04 miles
Time: 2:14.40
Avg: 16.5 mph
Max: 38.2 mph

Friday, August 25, 2006

8/23 - 8/24/2006 Bicycle Commuting & Running

8/23/2006 Commuting

One of these days I'm going to learn my lesson and be sure to pack a spare tube and my pump everytime I commute. Unfortunately for me I was not careful and it was on a day that I ended up with a flat. It was on my way home, and the only saving grace was that I was close to one of the town centers, so I was able to walk the bike into town and meet my wife for a ride home. I was still able to get in almost 34 miles including the 2 miles that I walked with the flat. Maybe this winter I'll keep my eye out for a used bike to buy and use specifically for commutes. That way I can load it up with lights, pump and tougher, heavier tires leaving the Fuji stripped down for races and fun rides.

Odo: 1,200.1 miles
Dist: 33.98 miles
Time: 2:29.48
Avg: 13.6 mph
Max: 34.1 mph

8/24/2006 Running

It was an early morning run that I really didn't feel like doing, but was really glad I did when I was done. I did a fairly standard run around up and down our road with the few dips and hills that are there. 3.5 miles in 31:17

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

8/22/2006 Strength Training

I was back in the gym today for some strength training. I moved up to the grey JC bands for the lunges and rows. I also added 5 lbs. and the second set to the bicep curls and shoulder press and brought the time of each set down to 60 seconds. I was going to up the walking lunge weight to 20 lbs., but I think the combination of increasing the bicep/shoulder press and the lat raises was too much. I got about 4 in and decided to drop back to the 15 lb. wts.

elliptical = 15 minutes on Fat Burning
JC Bands Lunges with rows, Grey Bands - 12 each side.
Wall sit w/25 lb. wts.
2 sets bicep curls = 60 seconds each
2 sets shoulder press = 60 seconds each
walking lunges = width of court/back doing lat raises with 15lb. wts
hip adductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
hip abductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
clamshell crunches w/overhead 8lb ball 2x25

I might have to take at least a couple days off after today. I think I strained my right calf at the race on Sunday. It was stiff and sore this morning, but I decided to go ahead and work out to see how it would feel. It felt fine during the workout, but the rest of the day it's ached. Whenever I sit for a long time, and get up to walk it is so tight and painful. A littl break will probably do it some good. Unfortunately that means I might not be able to do my bike commute this week, but better that than aggravate the strain further or worse; get 15 miles into my ride and have it cramp up. That would completely suck.

Monday, August 21, 2006

8/21/2006 Recovery

I guess this is a good sign, but it is hard some days to do nothing. After the race yesterday I went home showered, ate and left for work. By the time I got home at 11:30 pm I was wiped out. I decided that today would be a day off. I didn't have to work until 4:30 pm, so I really wanted to sleep in and just relax during the day. Of course 7:30 rolls around and the morning sounds start to come through the window and the sun is shining. I immediately start to itch like a junky. I really wanted to get out and ride! I had some other things to do, so I was able to restrain myself do some much needed paperwork and get some reading in on the porch. The local cat food thief stopped by for a visit. That racoon gets bolder everyday. It's already made peace with the cats as they sit within feet of it as it eats their food. I'm expecting the thing to be sitting there one of these days when I bring food out in the morning.

I couldn't resist the whole day. I did get out on my hybrid and ride around in our neighborhood for a while. I got in about 6 miles at a nice easy pace. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

8/20/2006 Great Buckeye Challenge

The Great Buckeye Challenge was a great race! I'm not going to analyze it to death. I'm very happy with the results. I was able to carve another 1 minute 48 seconds off my time from the race in July and finish 2nd in my age group. Yeah, so there was only 3 guys in my age group, but judging by other times for this event in years past the second is legitimate. I finished 8th overall for the sprint distance duathlon. tres impressive, no? It is my last duathlon of the year and a fantastic way to finish up a great run at Caesar Creek. I decided not to wear my heart rate monitor and just let it fly. I did wear my watch, and here is what came from that.

1st 5K total - 23:27

Mile 1 - 7:48

Mile 2 - 7:01

Mile 3.1 - 8:38

Transition 1 - 1:18Bicycling - 38:53Transition 2 - 1:07
2nd 5K - 24:00

Mile 1 - 8:05

Mile 2 - 7:34

Mile 3.1 - 8:21

Total - 1:28.49

Looking at the splits puts a smile on my face. I ran a complete race from beginning to end. I didn't hit it to hard at the beginning of the race, and there was no blow out late in the race.

I did learn something from this race. Always eat at least one banana before the race. I usually eat one on the way to a race, and I haven't had a problem with cramps all year. The morning of Great Buckeye I forgot to pick up a banana and it was so early that none of the stores on the way that would sell fresh fruit were open. About 10 yards in to my second 5K both of my calves cramped up so hard. For about the first kilometer I thought that I was done. I was ready to stop and walk when it luckily eased up, and I was able to pick up the pace to finish the race strong.

Official Results:

Age Group: 2 Overall SD: 8 1st 5K: 23:28.11 Pace: 7:34 Transition 1: 01:17 Bicycle: 38:54.60 Avg: 19.1 mph Transition 2: 1:07 2nd 5K: 24:00.92 Pace: 7:45 Total: 1:28:48.66

Saturday, August 19, 2006

8/19/2006 Preparing for Caesar Creek

I spent the morning cleaning road grime off my bike, cleaning the chain, and fixing a punctured tube. I was very careful this time to find the culprit that caused the puncture, so I don't have another multiple puncture issue like I did earlier in the summer. As it turns out there was a tiny sliver of glass wedged in the tire. It wasn't even poking through as I felt along the inside, but it must have either broken off in the tube or the pressure while on the road pushed it just enough to puncture. It was such a small one that it was a slow leak that I had to use water to find. I'm really glad that I found it before tomorrow's race!

I am returning to Caesar Creek one final time this summer for a duathlon tomorrow. On the previous outings I've had some success on this course. Not to mention that it is just a very nice course in and around one of the state parks. Check it out! Anyway, I was able to improve upon my time by nearly 4 minutes the 2nd time on the course despite a slightly longer bike course.

4/23/06 5K/20K/5K 1:34:30
7/09/06 5K/22K/5K 1:30:33

I'm hoping to improve upon that time one more time and break the one hour 30 minute barrier. Actually, I don't know why I should even look at it that way. I'm going to have fun and try to use my new mental exercise, "Think light!" Just be positive in the knowledge that I'm lighter, faster, and better prepared than ever. Man I'm going to crush that one and 30 minute time! :)

Update on the century ride. At this point I am most likely going to skip the September 2nd ride, or do something less than a century if I want to ride with a couple of friends that might go. I have to work at 2pm. With the hour drive to get there and back I might not make it in time, plus I want to be able to enjoy the ride without constantly worrying about my time. I do enough worrying about time during races. I just want to enjoy this time on the bike. I am definitely doing one on the 16th! I've confirmed that I have the day off work, and The Oxford Odyssey is all lined up!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

8/17/2006 Bicycle Commuting

The morning commute was fine. There was nothing terribly exciting here. I got up, I dressed, I rode. The end.

Odo: 1121.5 miles
Dist: 25.23 miles
Time: 1:32.17
Avg: 16.4mph
Max: 33.4 mph

The commute home was slightly more eventful, but in an entirely stupid way. I decided to ditch my back pack at work again, since I knew I wasn't riding in Friday morning. I filled up my jersey pockets with the things that were necessities, wallet, iPod, glasses, cell phone... in zip lock bags to keep them dry. Besides spare tube and the usual essentials I've found the most useful thing I can carry is a couple of extra zip lock bags to store stuff in that need to stay dry from either possible rain or definite sweat.

So, I jetted off minus a backpack, but plus pockets loaded. Apparently I was not very careful with stowing my glasses. I should mention with my glasses that have brand new lenses from a brand new prescription. As I was leaving they jumped out of my back pocket and on to the road. I didn't notice and went on my merry way. A good 30 minutes later I reached in my back pocket to check things and had a minor, although not life threatening, heart attack. By the time I had back tracked to where they escaped at least one car made them much flatter for me. I guess the good thing is that I got to work out my frustration with myself and my stupidity on the bike, so I'm not really beating myself up over it anymore.

Odo: 1146.8 miles
Distance: 50.6 miles
Time: 3:10.03
Avg: 16.7 mph
Max: 33.4 mph

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

8/16/2006 Bicycling

It was a wonderful, sunny day for cycling. The humidity was relatively low, and the temperature started in the 70's and by the end of the ride was in the low 80's. I started on an old route and added a new leg on to it. I started on 132 to Greenbriar and around to Owensville. From there I broke off from the standard route on to Benton Road. It has become one of my new favorite roads to ride on, with little traffic and a nice variety of hills and flat sections.

Odo: 1096.3 miles
Dist: 27.49 miles
Time: 1:39.24
Avg: 16.6 mph
Max: 37 mph

It was the type of day that I would've loved to stay out all day long and just ride around exploring Clermont County. One of these days, I'll take a full day and just ride all day. Speaking of riding all day, I might have to put my first century off just a bit longer. As it stands I have to work on September 2nd which is the day of the BCBCBCBC Ride. I could still go and ride, but it seems a bit of a drive to do it. The Oxford Odyssey is on September 16th, which is also a work weekend, but I'm trying to work one of the days off. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

8/15/2006 Running

I've been doing some shorter runs lately, so I thought I should get in a longer 6 mile run. One goal I've been shooting for in the back of my mind is finishing this 6 mile route in less than 50 minutes. Today I finally did it. I was hovering around the 50 minute mark all summer. Sometimes I'd come close to 50 minutes other times I'd hit it at about 53-55 minutes.

6 Mile Run
Avg HR 163 bpm
Peak HR 184 bpm
Min HR 84 bpm
Total Cal: 860
Time: 49:25

2 minute Recovery
173-134 bpm

I don't think I was running a lot faster for most of the run, but I did try a different mental approach when attacking the hills. On the route there is a fairly steep .25 mile hill and a very steep .5 mile hill. Each hill is definitely a chore and the least fun part of the run. After reading an article about climbing hills in Bicycling I decided to apply the same mental approach to running. I concentrated on thinking light thoughts, and more specifically a rabbit. I've always identified with the rabbit, and even though I don't think of myself as spiritual I think of it as my "power animal". Part of it goes back to childhood and the rabbits in the field at my grandparents. Another part is how I view them. They are not very physically imposing, but are quick and have powerful rear legs.

A little deeper look into the rabbit as a power animal actually reveals that it is quite apt for other reasons. According to one website:

"In many Native American traditions Rabbit is named the Fear Caller. It is believed that it shouts out its fear of the predators who rank it high on their dining list so loudly that it attracts them, and thus brings that which it fears into being.

If we look at this idea with deeper understanding we see how well Rabbit teaches us that we create our lives with our thoughts and feelings. Rabbit experiences fear, projects it outward, and creates in the external world conditions which mirror its inner terrors."

That is so incredibly fitting on so many different levels, besides running and bicycling. I'll have to give it some more thought.

Monday, August 14, 2006

8/13 - 8/14/2006 Kayaking & Strength Training

8/13/2006 Kayaking

Sunday Rick and I were able to get out on the kayaks and do some work in preparation for the Little Miami Triathlon. It is, by far, the event I have been looking forward to the most this year. A big reason that I've been doing any strength training or spending any time in the gym this summer is to build some upper body strength for the kayaking portion of the race. Otherwise, I would've probably just stuck with running and bicycling to get my exercise all summer.

It was a beautiful morning, and we spent about 90 minutes out on the water and paddles 2.75 miles according to the good ol' gmap-pedometer. For the most part it felt fairly good. My shoulders started aching, but I was able to work through it and find a nice, steady pace and get it loosened up. I know I won't be setting any records in the kayaking portion of the race. I just want to feel comfortable enough to get through that part of the race with a reasonable time, so that I can make it up on the run and bike. I really want to crush my time from last year and more than that beat my friends this year! Is that so wrong?

Of course, we weren't working hard the whole time. There was some paddling and then some relaxing. It was such a great morning, we couldn't help but take some time to enjoy it.

8/14/2006 Strength Training

It was another day in the gym. I increased the weight on the hipp adductor/abductor by 5 lbs. Next week I'll be increasing the bicep curl and shoulder press time. I'm going to split it up into two one minute sets for each. That way I can get in two complete sets for each workout.

elliptical = 10 minutes on Fat Burning
JC Bands Lunges with rows, Blue Bands - 12 each side.
Wall sit w/20 lb. wts.
bicep curls = 90 seconds
shoulder press = 90 seconds
walking lunges = width of court/back doing lat raises with 15lb. wts
hip adductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
hip abductor=2 sets/12 reps 95 lbs.
clamshell crunch w/overhead 8lb ball 2x25

Saturday, August 12, 2006

8/12/2006 Brick Training

In answer to your question Tuco, this is my ride.

One part of my training that I've been pretty lax on this year is brick training. I always end up doing one or the other. I always think it's going to take too long. It's really my fault, because when I get on my bike I like to ride and ride and ride. I'm like a little kid, a little is never enough! I made myself buckle down and do a short ride and some running to get some brick training in before the race next weekend. It will have been a month since my last race, so I thought it was in order.

I rode 12.23 miles on the bike to get close to the 20k distance of the race. I thought I would be sore on Thursday or Friday from all of the commuting time Wednesday or Thursday, but I didn't feel it until Saturday morning...on the bike. For the first 4-5 miles of the ride my legs were so stiff and sore that I could barely keep the pace above 17 mph. It was a brutal beginning. I eventually loosened up and enjoyed the new route I found. It was mostly flat with one steep hill that was about .3 miles long. I look forward to exploring more of this road in the future.

Odo: 1068.8 miles
Dist: 12.23 miles
Time: 42:56
Avg: 17.1 mph
Max: 35.1 mph

The run went very well. I ran about 3.5 miles trying to maintain an 8 mile/minute. I nailed it. I don't have any hrm info this time. For some reason my hrm crapped out during the bike, and I just didn't feel like taking the time to mess with it.

Split 1 Bicycle: 42:24
Split 2 Transition: 1:24
Split 3 Run: 28:16
Total: 1:12.06

Bring on the Great Buckeye Challenge!

*Map created at

Thursday, August 10, 2006

8/10/2006 More Commuting

After yesterday's commute I was feeling pretty good. I felt so good that I decided I would get another day of commuting in today. I was wondering how it would go over since this is the first time I've done it two days in a row. Typically even when I do my workouts I alternate them so I run one day, then bike, then weights. I was pretty sure that I would be sore this morning. Surprisingly I was not. I got up at 5 am, ate a good breakfast and hit the road. I was able to keep up a good pace.

Odo: 1028.3 miles
Dist: 25.30 miles
Time: 1:30.30
Avg: 16.8 mph
Max: 28.8 mph

Once again there were predictions of thunderstorms for just about the time I was to make my commute home. Once again I dodged the bullet. I was just behind the front as it rolled through the city, so I got some wet roads and jittery drivers but no rain. I ditched my backpack at work in case it did rain, so I wouldn't be carrying an extra 20 lbs. of wet backpack. That made the ride quite a bit easier and more fun. The final hill was the most interesting part of the ride. The hell hill that usually kicks my butt, and I can only crawl up in the easiest gear is finally starting to crack under the pressure of repeated ridings. I was able to keep up a good pace by attacking the hill instead of approaching in a more timid manor like I usually do. It was still tough because it was wet and slick so my back wheel kept slipping. I was able to combat it a bit by shifting my weight back, but it only helped marginally.

Odo: 1056.5 miles
Dist: 52.91 miles
Time: 3:11.57
Avg: 16.5 mph
Max: 28.8 mph

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

8/09/2006 Commuting by Bike

I had a great ride in this morning! It was relatively cool and cloudy, so I was very comfortable the entire ride. The new wheels felt fantastic and smooth the entire way, and I credit them for a much faster ride than I've had in the past on commutes. I checked the average at the end of the ride, it was 17 mph time 1hour 20 minutes, but I forgot to take the computer off the bike. It continued to run as I was pushing it into the building and down the hallway. It's neither here nor there, because the ride felt amazing and that is what really matters. Even with only 5 hours of sleep I now feel wide awake and ready to work.

Odo: 975.5 miles
Dist: 25.29 miles
Time: 1:30:20
Avg: 16.7 mph
Max: 34.6 mph

I'm gonna crack the 1000 mile mark this afternoon! I'm very happy to be getting in so many miles this year, and it's really just half over. As we go into September I'm gonna try to up my number of commutes to twice a week. Between the commutes and my planned century I may very well break 2000 miles by the end of the year!

Commute Total:
Odo: 1,003.6 miles
Dist: 53.42 miles
Time: 3:15:39
Avg: 16.3 mph
Max: 34.6 mph

The ride home was sweet. It was fairly cloudy but not raining, so that kept the heat down a bit. As I hit about 997 miles the clouds broke open and the sun shined down on those last few miles. It got me pretty pumped up. Now I'm looking forward to upping my commuting miles and a couple of centuries. Maybe I'll hit 2,000 miles by the end of the year.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

8/08/2006 Running

I decided to do the unimaginable today, well at least unimaginable to some people. I decided to go for a run at noon. I had intended to get out and run earlier in the morning, but working until 1 am isn't very condusive to getting up and running first thing in the morning. So, after a bit of a lazy morning I decided it had to be done before I go in to work.

I went for a short, fast run today. I figured the less time I spend out in the heat the better. It was a relatively short run at 4.0 miles and, not as fast as I'd like, but considering the heat keeping 8 minute miles was fast enough. I jogged out the first 1/2 mile to warm up and get my legs loose. I then picked it up to approximately 8 minute miles for the rest of the run. I was able to maintain the pace for most of the run until the last mile when I could feel the heat starting to wear on my mind. In my mind I started to play the little game. Oh okay you can stop now. It's very hot, and you've run far enough. I must say that I won the game. Instead of stopping I picked up the pace and kept on running. I even finished it off with an alright sprint.

As a side note I was listening to my new mix while running today, and even though I didn't put it together specifically for workout purposes it works out pretty well. There is one exception when it comes to running. Maybe it was just the mixture of heat and mind games that got to me but Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix, a song that I normally love to hear, just got on my nerves. It just wasn't happening for me today. The rest of the mix was a lot of fun to listen to while running.

Some Stats:

Avg HR: 169
Peak HR: 186
Min HR: 115
Total Cal: 493
Split 1: 7:56 1 mile 1
Split 2: 10:38 2.5 mile
Split 3: 8:07 1 mile
Total 26:42

8/07/2006 Swimming & Strength Training


I was hoping to get out on my bike yesterday. After seeing the bike races on Sunday and opting out of both The Morning Glory Ride and East Fork Duathlon on that day I've been feeling restless to get out and ride. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until Wednesday when I do my first commute of the week. We decided to hit the swimming pool for some fun time, so I decided to sneak a little workout once everyone else was worn out and hit deck for some sun.

I swam for approximately 20 minutes changing strokes about every 5 laps. I did 5 laps of freestyle, side stroke (each side), breast stroke, and then back to another 5 laps of freestyle. Between the laps and carting my daughter back and forth across the pool as she swam around me I figure it counts as a workout!

Strength Training

I decided to get my gym time out of the way early this week. It was so hot outside by the afternoon there was really nothing else worth doing anyway. I think next week I'm going to up the weight on the bicep curls and shoulder press to 25 lbs. and go back to 60 seconds. I'm also going to up the hip weight by 5 lbs. I'm really glad that Lisa added the hip workout to the routine. I think it has made a big difference in my cycling this year. I feel a lot more comfortable in the saddle.

elliptical = 10 minutes on Fat Burning
JC Bands Lunges with rows, Blue Bands - 12 each side.
Wall sit w/20 lb. wts.
bicep curls = 90 seconds
shoulder press = 90 seconds
walking lunges = width of court/back doing lat raises with 15lb. wts
hip adductor=2 sets/12 reps 90 lbs.
hip abductor=2 sets/12 reps 90 lbs.
clamshell crunches w/overhead 8lb ball 2x25

Sunday, August 06, 2006

8/05/2006 Cycling with New Wheels!

Got my problems taken care of, hopefully for at least the rest of the year (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, tossing salt over shoulder). I took my bike into the shop over lunch break on Friday and talked to one of the techs about the issues with breaking spokes to find out what would be the best route to take. There had to be a better way to deal with this instead of just replacing spokes all the time. He suggested replacing the wheels. That's always a way to deal with a problematic part. He told me that once you start breaking spokes that it will continue to happen because of the stress that is being put on the spokes. I don't think I explained that correctly, but anyway I got some new wheels. It's even an upgrade, so I was okay with it since I was thinking of upgrading my components next year anyway. I'd really like to have a good race ready ride.

Got out yesterday morning for a nice long ride, and what a difference! The wheels were responsive, stiff and smooth throughout the ride. The old wheels felt sluggish and soft by the end of a long ride, and I thought it was just me getting tired. I think now that they were warped in some way that was causing the wheel to stress over the course of a ride and breaking spokes throwing the wheel out of alignment. So, a big thumbs up to the new wheels!

I took the same long route to Bethel and around to Owensville and back. I am really loving this ride. It provides a nice variety of hills and flats, as well as the advantage of being a loop so there is no out and back. I always disliked out and back routes. I added a few miles on by taking a little side road to the bottom of the spill way at East Fork. It adds mileage as well as another 1/2 mile hill to the course. Just thinking about it makes me itch for another run at it.

Odo: 950.2 miles
Dist: 54.79 miles
Time: 3:15.56
Avg: 16.7 mph
Max: 39.1 mph

Looking forward to the milestone of breaking 1000 miles for the first time this week!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

8/03/2006 Commuting by Bicycle

I got off to an early start this morning. I was about 20 minutes early getting out the door, so I was able to relax and take a little more time on the commute in. It worked out nicely because my legs were a bit tired after yesterday's double workout. I was still able to maintain a reasonable pace on the flats, but I was definitely not in top form. It was a great ride though. The only thing that keeps these commutes from being great is dragging my backpack on my back.

1st half of the commute:

Odo: 869.5 miles
Dist: 25.37 miles
Time: 1:38:31
Avg: 15.4 mph
Max: 34.6 mph

I can't believe it! Early on during my ride home I broke yet another spoke. It is just unreal that this keeps happening. I'm taking the bike back to the shop today to have it looked at. There must be something wrong with the rear wheel that this keeps happening. With the broken spoke I ended up dragging my back wheel home as it wobbled and rubbed the rear brakes the whole way. It really slowed me down and made the ride grueling. By the time I reached the final hill on Filager I was completely wiped out and had to walk part of it. I stopped about half way for a rest, but made the final push up the hill.

Total Stats for ride:
Odo: 894.6 miles
Dist: 50.53 miles
Time: 3:22:19
Avg: 14.9 mph
Max: 34.6 mph

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8/02/2006 Strength Training & Running

Strength Training

This was a much needed workout day. I was having a low energy day yesterday, and very easily could have been a lazy couch potato all day if I wouldn't have gotten to the gym. It was so hot outside and I had a day off so there really wasn't any reason to go outside. Pile on to that the fact that I was having a bad morning and it could've easily turned into a do-nothing day. I'm glad that I got out and did the workout. It left me in a better frame of mind. I decided to double up and do some running.

eliptical = 15 minutes on Fat Burning
JC Bands Lunges with rows, Blue Bands - 12 each side.
Wall sit w/20 lb. wts.
bicep curls = 90 seconds
shoulder press = 90 seconds
walking lunges = width of court/back doing lat raises with 15lb. wts
hip adductor=2 sets/12 reps 90 lbs.
hip abductor=2 sets/12 reps 90 lbs.
lower leg raise w/overhead 8lb (abs) 2x25


Since it's been entirely too long I decided to run some intervals. I'm gonna try to get some more of these in as preparation for the remaining races this year. I was also interested in how I would feel doing the intervals and how my times would hold up. Earlier in the year when I tried these I would wear out pretty quickly. I'm very happy with the results. I ran 1/2 mile intervals for 3 miles. The first interval was the slow and second fast as is pretty clear from the splits. I was able to maintain a consistent pace throughout and even kick it a little on the last split. I would've been pretty happy with this time as a race time last year, so to see it as a training time is great. It's little things that keep me motivated!

In Zone: 5:42 I set it for zone 5 (171-190) so it appears I overestimated what my heart rate would be.
Avg HR: 160 bpm
Peak HR: 181 bpm
Min HR: 103
Total Cal: 402

1st split: 4:25
2nd split: 3:27
3rd split: 4:34
4th split: 3:26
5th split: 4:36
6th split: 3:21

Total Time: 23:47

2 min. Recover
177 bpm - 119 bpm

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

7/29 - 7/30/2006 Running & Bicycling

7/29/2006 Running

With my bike still in the shop on Saturday I had to get outside and exercise. I decided to get out and do a longer run. I was actually hoping to get up over 6 miles, but it just wasn't happening. Once the heat started kicking in the thoughts of going longer quickly vanished. The longest runs I have left this year are a couple of 10k's and the 6 miles for the Little Miami, so I feel really good about the run despite not raising my mileage. I did my usual course for the long run. I started out by running back through Meghan's Run and then circling back around down Filager out 222 and back up the Hell Hill that is 132. The key to this run for me is seeing how I recover from the hill, and so far things are looking good. I was able to recover and finish the run at a strong pace. It was a 6 mile run in 52 minutes.

7/30/2006 Bicycling

This was my longest ride of the year, and maybe the hottest ride of the year! I wanted to get out early, around 7:30, but faced a little setback in the form of an exploding tube. I was pumping up my tires and the rear tire suddenly exploded in a loud pop! It literally sounded like a gun going off in the quiet morning. Luckily I had a spare and quickly changed it. I guess that's one benefit of all the issues and flats I've had this year, I've become fairly adept at changing tubes.

Once I got out on the road I was off to a bit of a slow start. The morning was foggy and cool, which was nice, but left me feeling a bit groggy and sluggish. I felt more like cruising and staring off into the fog. It is definitely one of those times where I wished I had a camera with me. Actually I do wish I had a camera to carry with me, because I also got very close to some deer inside of East Fork Park. One of these days I'll get one that I can carry with me. By 10:00 the fog had all burned off and the sun was bright and burning. It made for a tough second half, but well worth the heat to ride.

The ride was a big loop with a couple of little side trips into East Fork State Park. While I was riding in the park there were other people riding and running in preparation for Sunday's East Fork Triathlon & Duathlon. I am very tempted to do this race, but I really just want to take some time off from racing over the next couple of weeks and go into The Buckeye Challenge fresh and ready to race. I might ride over there on Sunday while the race is going on to check things out, but I am going to resist the urge to race.

All in all it was a great ride. It works out perfectly as a course. At about thirty miles there is a place to stop in Williamsburg and refresh with a snack and my new favorite biking break drink. The Starbuck's Frappuccino Coffee drink is 9.5 oz. of energy in a bottle. It is a perfect boost to get me going for the second halfo of the ride. I don't know if it is the best thing to have, but it is delicious and refreshing, especially after drinking lukewarm water and gatorade for an hour and a half.

Odo: 844 miles
Dist: 50.58 miles
Time: 3:03:28
Avg: 16.5 mph
Max: 37.9 mph

Here is an overview of the ride. It was a bit cumbersome and time consuming to map it out with the gmap pedometer, but it is also cool to see the distance that I travelled.