Friday, September 24, 2010

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon

The 'Nati while on the run in Covington
Such is life. As I was planning and training for the Indianapolis Marathon forces were quietly gathering around me to disrupt these plans. Okay, maybe my plans were pretty shabby to begin with, and it only took a slight deviation to topple the house of cards that I had built. Whatever.

The bad news: Indy is out.  It just doesn't make much sense financially right now. Maybe this will happen sometime in the future. Although, it's gonna be a tough sell on another fall marathon. Summer running blows. The good news: Columbus is in! I'm returning to the battleground where I barely set a marathon pr and was soundly pummeled by the course 2 years ago. The marathon is on the same weekend, and the logistics will be much easier and cheaper. I'm back with a vengeance C-bus and this time it's personal and in 3D! It's gonna be awe-some.

More good news: I started a new position at work. Ow! It's been a great change and new challenge at work and has required a lot more of my time and effort which was part of the demise of the weekly training updates. My time was better spent in other ways, and frankly I was bored with them. I was definitely in a slump there for a while as the miles piled up and the aches and pains increased. I lost interest in rehashing my 40th 5 mile run on the same course. Here is all the update I have on that front: work and training are going very well and the slump is over.

The running slump is over thanks to a surprising source. Nike Plus is alive! A new app was released called Nike+ GPS.  As you can guess it uses the GPS in the iPhone rather than the foot pod. I won't go into details now, except to say that I've been using it for a week and it is awesome. I'm gonna do a complete review and write up next week with a little head to head battle with the old Nike+ and the Cyclemeter app. Should be epic.